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1st of May, Labour Day : Mig's closed but... 26/04/2010

We'll be tasting wines on Thursday 29 AND Friday 30 then!!
Yes, at Mig's, we're stakhanovists (open every day but Sundays and 52 weeks a year) but even we take public holidays off!
So yes we're closed this Saturday 1st of may.
So pop in end of week and taste some wines to enjoy this week-end.
First: a new discovery : Schmitges Weisser Burgender. A superb crisp white with racy acidity and fine minerality, wonderful for this summer!!
Secondly : some wines for barbecues : Mano & Mano Cabernet Sauvignon, Sacred Hill Cabernet /Shiraz and Santa Julia Malbec.
So, happy Labour Day!