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Thanks for 2019, Cheers to 2020 ! 31/12/2019

2019 has been the best year ever for Mig’s World Wines! Thank you all, my suppliers, my great team and our thousands of customers for making this happen.

In 2020, Mig’s will celebrate its 25th! More about that in our following newsletters and Facebook posts. Here’s a big cheer for another… More


Mig’s wishes you all a very Merry Christmas! The full team (and extra help!) is on board to greet and advise you.

We’re open this Sunday from 11am to 6pm, Monday from 11am to 7pm and Tuesday from 11am to 6pm.

Christmas Cheers!


Sherry Christmas ! (& more) 10/12/2019

Sorry for the pun, I (Mig) could not resist ! Sherry (Xérès) isn't (only) for little old English ladies hiding their tipple in cups, pretending to drink their afternoon tea : it's a great wine for different moments of fine dining. At Mig's, we offer Xérès from one of the finest producers… More

High Spirits – Low Prices! 03/12/2019

Lucky you: usually Mig's gets special offers from its suppliers after their inventory, at the beginning of the year, but this year it's... NOW !!! Just in time to stock up for Saint Nicolas or to be « early » bird for Christmas. Check out the following great offers on quality spirits.

First in,… More

A Taste of Honey + Fine Filliers 28/11/2019

A Taste of Honey


A succulent surprise from Canada: Spirit Hills from Alberta makes incredible “wines” solely out of honey. The wines are then infused with local berries or flowers. The results are very elegant beverages, guaranteed to bring a very pleasant surprise to a festive meal.


These wines can be… More

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau time again ! 21/11/2019

At Mig’s, for many years, we offer the “nouveau” wines from the Chasselay family, which has been making wine in this region since the 15th century! As of this Thursday we offer their two 2019 vintages: their classic Beaujolais, very fruity, easy drinking, and the cuvée “La Marduette”, made from grapes… More

Gusto...p !! 14/11/2019

Representing Gusto World, one of Mig's major suppliers, Alice will take you for a trip in the wonderful world of great wines (and a saké...) this Saturday.

Expect : « beaut » bubbles and a stunning shiraz from Australia, a succulent Junmai Gingo saké from Japan, and top-end offerings from Greece,… More

A.B.C. 07/11/2019

A – Armenia again !

Oh yes, wines from this country always amaze us ! This time we invite you to taste their cheaper offerings. Cheap but very cheerful !


B – Bordeaux.

On and off, Mig's has some one-shots mature Bordeaux in store. Pop in and check them out. For pics, check out our Facebook… More

Wemyss Blended Malt 31/10/2019

Steven Shand from Wemyss Malts, a family business, will host next week’s Laugh & Learn tasting evening dedicated to the art of blending Scotch malts. Since this event is sold out, we invite you in on Saturday to taste three of these blends. Blends which prove that it’s not only… More

Made in China - Château Changyu-Moser XV 24/10/2019

We may be wary of the “Made in China” label but one has to keep an open mind, which is what we try to do at Mig’s. One of our major suppliers, Frank Matthijs, has just started importing wines from this impressive land and we are keen to try it.… More

NA @ Mig’s (& more) 16/10/2019

For once, Mig’s was going to organize a tasting solely without alcohol but of course it didn’t work out!! We have a new supplier of quality organic products who has a nice selection of wines without alcohol which can be tasted this Saturday. But he also has an interesting bitter,… More


Back in the USSR’s... era, Armenia had to “hide” its wine making capacities (so as not to overshadow Georgian wines) and concentrate on spirits. Now it’s catching up time and their wines really shine. Luckily, they haven’t lost their brandy distilling know-how so they make the best of both worlds: wines… More

Fall begining... 24/09/2019

It's getting cooler outside, the first days of fall have arrived. Time to switch to heart-warming Malbec wines as a preview for colder days to come.
Stop by this Saturday, to get a taste and compare different great Argentinean Malbecs and a Cahors.

Belgian Wines: Think Mig's! 18/09/2019

It's been a while now that Belgian wines have successfully invaded the shelves at Mig's…

After the enthusiasm generated last Saturday by the Brussels wines of Gudule Urban Winery, come & taste no less than 5 labels of the Domaine du Chapitre, located in Baulers (Nivelles) in Walloon Brabant: bubbles, a… More