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This Saturday 29 September we'll be tasting some of our new wines:

- Volstruis Rooi 2005 from Stellenbosch South Africa
- Delta Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006, Marlborough New Zealand
- Qv Syrah 2005 from Quinta de Viluco, Valle del Maipo, Chile

See you then! Cheers!


Novembre 1st from 2pm to 7pm
11 stands held by our importers:

1. « Bolly Wood »
Horizontal tasting of Bollinger presented by Cinoco.
2. « Kiwi & Sushi »
Sauvignons blancs from Marlborough (New-Zealand) and sushi tasting.
3. « Dynamic Organic »
Organic and biodynamic world wines from Matthys Wijnimport, presented by Jérôme Van der Putt, the « bioman » author of Vin Bio – Mode d’emploi.
4. « Latino »
Wines from Chile & Argentina from Intervinos
5. « Fine Food & Wines from Aus »
Wines from Australia (horizontal tasting of Grant Burge wines) + mustards, sauces, jams. …etc from Australian Fine Wines
6. « Go East »
Wines from Bulgaria from Texavino & Wines from Georgia from Belra
7. « Top of Italia »
Wines from Trentino : horizontal tasting of wines from Longariva imported by Vinissimo, presented by Marco Manica producer and winemaker
8. « Red Stripe »
Wines from Australia: horizontal tasting of wines from D’Arenberg presented by Gusto World
9. « Hungary & Thirsty »
Wines from Hungary (the famous Tokaji !) & beers from Australia (natural beers from Cooper’s Brewery) imported by Global Wineries.
10. « Belgium 10 Points !»
Fruit wines from Belgium’s Vins de Roisin, presented by Ludovic Boucart proprietor and winemaker
11. « That’s the Spirit ! »
Alcohols: whisky, rum, tequila, calvados … imported by Premium Spirits

Mig’s World Wines’ Open Door Day will use MIKASA tasting glasses.


This Saturday 25 August we'll be tasting summer (?) wines -our new Beaujolais among others- and Belgian wines from the Domaine de Mellemont (excellent production):
- Traminer Aromatico Cavit 2005, from Trentino
- Domaine des Grands Eparcieux Bojo Supérieur 2005
- Domaine De Mellemont Blanc (riesling/sylvaner/pinot auxerrois) 2006
- Domaine De Mellemont Rouge (pinot noir) 2006

Also Belgian (& good) and new in our shop: from the Brasserie Dupont, the wonderful Moinette beer (with an organic version also) and another very fine beer (also organic) the well-named "biolégère".

So this Saturday, forget the grey climate and political situation and (re)discover that anything Belgian is (also) good!


"El Cheapo" tasting

Tasting of our cheapest wines this Saturday. Cheap but cheerful !
So scramble in on all fours from the four corners of the country for(4?) this for(4?)midable tasting.
And what's the price of these wines ?
Guess ...! ( No need to for(4?)k out a for(4?)tune!)


This Saturday's tasting: two seasonal wines and a top chardonnay!

- Learning to Fly malbec rosé from Argentina, gives you wings (ooops...!)
- Douro red mini BIB (a two-litre Bag in Box), great for parties and BBQs
- Voss Estate Reserve Chardonnay: a nice, mature, rich and creamy chardonnay from top New Zealand region of Martinborough (not to be mistaken with Marlborough!)

See you! Cheers!


This Saturday 4th of August, a very eclectic wine tasting on schedule!:
- from Wachau Austria, two wines from the Grüner Veltliner grape variety, typical from that region. The Katzensprung, crisp and grassy with a touch of white pepper is a seasonal delight
- a rustic and terroir style with the Cidre du Pays d'Auge from Pierre Huet
- who's never heard of Bonny Doon, this genial maverick from California? Once again he attacks with a unique product: his Bouteille Call (who else could possibly invent such a name?!): a grape wine + raspberry wine with grape spirits added! Absolutely super!
- and also, after long weeks of absence, we can finally announce the return of the Southern Right Pinotage! We'll discover the new vintage together.
C U Saturday! Cheers!


For those of you who would like to discover or re-discover the differences between the 6 main grape varieties which are, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, riesling, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and syrah, Mig's is innovating this Saturday!: rather than a simple wine tasting, Xavier, our new recruit, will take you around the world of wines through 6 grape varieties from 6 different countries.

So, see you this Saturday 28th of July at Mig's, of course!


Ever heard of Mikasa Oenology?! Well, it's a new range of great glasses made of a brand new material that's called Kwarx, which makes them almost unbreakable and shiny like crystal! We'll be introducing them tomorrow, with the Belgian wine tasting, in honour of our "Fête Nationale"! So, don't miss out and visit Mig's this Saturady 21st of July!


This Saturday's tasting: well, we had thought about a couple of seasonal whites, and a couple of lighter reds that can be cooled in the fridge... The types of wines you would normally drink in July. July? Who said it was July anyway?? Anyone for Amarone? I guess we'll check the color of the sky tomorrow and figure out what we'll taste. So join us for a surprise tasting! We might even ask you your opinion before opening any bottles!!
Cheers and see you tomorrow!!


This Saturday 21st of July, big Belgian celebration at Mig's!
For this " Fête Nationale", Mig’s invites you to troop in the shop and taste… Belgian wines.
As a guest of honour, we'll welcome the "King" of fruit wines: Ludovic Boucart. Ludovic will present his quince and cherry wines, his rhubarb sparkling and also his terrines, marmalades and "granités".
You'll also have a chance to taste the wines from the Domaine des Agaises, from Philippe Grafé and the Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen.
Free tasting all day, as usual at Mig's!
Alleï, cheers, à votre santé, gezondheid !


Latest news from the front!:
First of all we'd like to welcome our new recruit: Xavier, apart from his oenology classes and activities as journalist will be helping us at Mig's. Welcome aboard, Xavier, we certainly need your help!
It seems that rosé wine is "the" new most trendy wine to drink, and Mig's has more and more quality rosés to offer.
Apart from the usual suspects, we have a new malbec rosé from Argentina (Learning to Fly), an Australian rosé (the excellent Boomerang Bay) and the super fun Nova "Tickled Pink": a fruity and slighty sparkling rosé, a very "girlie" rosé!
You'll be able to taste them all on Saturday as well as a new cheap and cheerful red from Spain.
And don't forget, Mig's never closes during summer vacation so we'll be happy to welcome you as always.
Have a nice vacation and if you're not leaving, come at Mig's and travel through the wonderful world of wines!


This Saturday's tasting: new wines from Lebanon & Argentina.
Despite the fact that the country is suffering a terrible fate, Lebanon is bringing us more and more quality wines. To be tasted this week-end: 2 delicious wines from Massaya (a white and a red).
From Argentina: a new cabernet sauvignon from Santa Ana. Despite its low price (just over 10.00 €), it's a complex and tasty cab and comes wonderfully packed in smart wooden boxes of 6 bottles. A great gift idea as well as a great wine.

C. U. Sat! Cheers!


Fathers' Day
As usual, lots of ideas for gifts!
Wine accessories: two new carafes, one with a handle, the other looks like a spinning whirl! Special "Daddy" price all of this week, respectively 12.00 and 15.00 €.
Below 10.00 €, a superb Priorat
Between 10.00 and 15.00 €, Amplus, a great chilean cab
Between 15.00 and 20.00 €, check out the new wines from D'Arenberg (Australia), especially their GSM (Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvèdre)
Above 20.00 €, a top pinor noir from Italy, the Zinzèle from Longariva and a top Shiraz from "down under", the Brothers in Arms.
Finally, only as a "one-shot", magnums of matured Aussie red wine, the Hollick cab/merlot 1997 at 34.50 €.
Spirits: all kinds of nice things such as the Belgian Chocolate Liqueur from the Distillerie de Biercée, Old Rum from Clément in Martinique, Tomatin's 12year old whisky... You'll also have a chance to taste the Verveine Velay from Pagès.
See you soon! Cheers!


You got Georgia on your mind? Well, how about tasting Georgian wines this Saturday 2 June?! No, not Georgia USA, Georgia as in ...Russia? As you all probably know, the vines historically come from Georgia. So, come taste their local grape varieties here at Mig's from 11am to 7pm!
See you. Cheers!


This Saturday May 26, more "classics" from Mig's to be tasted:

From Australia: Protégé White, a nice blend of sémillon, sauvignon and verdelho, summer food-friendly.
From Mexico: LA Cetto is back! A spicy petite syrah that some of our customers have been eargerly waiting for! Will go well with your BBQs and any red meat.
From Italy: MODA, a montepulciano d'Abruzzo from southern Italy, smooth and mouth filling.
From Argentina: Candela Syrah, another full-bodied red! The comparison between those three reds should be quite interesting. So, see you Saturday!