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Great new wines to taste!

Wonderful news from one of our quality suppliers: the two top wines from Columbia Crest (USA) have arrived: Eroica Riesling and Walter Clore, plus an absolutely delicious "little" pinot noir from Catena (Argentina), the Alamos Pinot Noir.
Be the first to taste them this Saturday the 25th of November.


Mig's World Wines' Marathon was a great success thanks to you all - +/- 300 participants! - and thanks to Mig's dream team of helpers! Special thanks to Wasabi Sushi Lounge and Mmmmh! who enabled Mig's to spread out. Et à Didier, un "pilier" sur lequel on peut s'appuyer!

The 11/11 podium:
1. Absolutey Amazing Amarone: Monte Faustino Amarone della Valpolicella 2001,38.60 €
2. Absolutely Fabulous Frog's Leap Zinfandel 2004, 24.50 €
3. Zincredible Zeta from Zuccardi 2003, 26.50 €

The 18/11 tasting:

Well guess what? How about a couple of top Beaujolais Nouveaux?!! De chez Jean-Gilles Chasselay, sa "Cuvée non filtrée" et "La Marduette! Come celebrate the new vintage 2006!





Three venues: Mig’s, Mmmmh ! and the
« Sushi Squat » (the future Wasabi Sushi Lounge)

Entertaining and professional oenophiles will meet you on various stands:

-The Bubbles’ Bar
-Italianissimo: vino, olio di oliva, grappa, limoncello…
-Aussie Wines
-Fun with the Food and Wine Academy by Xavier Faber, “1er sommelier de Belgique”
-Yum, yum, gulp, gulp with Mmmmh!
-Go East: wines from Bulgaria & co
-Vins de Roisin: a premiere for their new « sparkling », jams and terrines.
-Euro vino

+ infos for “expats” and travel

Mig’s World Wines supports Amnesty International



Marvelous, Magnificent Malbecs from Mendoza!
Great Grapes of Greed!
Arguably Argentina's Aces!

In short, a Tentalizing Tasting with Mig's Top Team from ArgenTina:
Introducing Claudio and Gabriela!
This Saturday 28 October from 11 to 19


This Saturday's tasting: Fun for foot fetishists: new wines from just off the tip of Italy's toe and also new Bulgarian wines to boot!

And don't forget Mig's World Wines Marathon taking place on Novembre 11th: wines from 30 countries, free tasting and everybody welcome!


Hélène et les ... autres!
Ce samedi 14 octobre: dégustation/découverte de nos nouveautés de Grèce, d'Italie et de France. Agiorgitiko, Falanghina, Aglianico, ...

A noter déjà dans vos agendas: Mig's World Wines' Marathon! Ce samedi 11 novembre, 42 vins d'une trentaine de pays, dégustation gratuite, ouverte à tous!


Vote(z) Vin!
Vin: du belge ce samedi et du bon. Van Vlaanderen et de Wallonie: bulles, wit et rouge. Santé! Gezondheid!
Vote: il y a des bons vins blancs, jaunes, rouges, noirs... Mais si c'est brun, c'est passé et infâme. C'est comme en politique: la politique des chemises brunes est juste bonne pour l'égoût. Ce dimanche, votons démocratique. L'extrême droite, c'est bouchonné!



Mig's has wines from 30 different countries and customers from many more.
Mig's supports the 0110 initiative against intolerance. Mig's says no to right wing extremisme.
This Saturday the 30th of Septembre: wine tasting for tolerance in the world: wines from the 5 continents.
Saturday the 7th of Octobre: wine tasting for tolerance in Belgium: wines from Flanders and Wallonia.
Long live the difference.


This year Mig's will have a stand @ the Welcome Fair. So on top of all the interesting information you get there, you'll be able to taste wine from the four corners of the world! On each of the two days of the event, we'll also be running a "speed-tasting" on the podium! More info? Check the website www.welcomefair.be. Oh, and the Fair's free too! C.U. there... or... as usual, we'll run our instore free tasting. This Saturday it'll be: Cheap & Cheerful, Red & White, South & Africa!!
C.U. here!


Slow Food? No, slow wine from Slo...venia!
No joking. Movia is a member of the slow food movement and a producer of top wines from the Slovenian border with Italy, the "Brda" region (easier to pronounce when you're freezing cold!).
Have a look at their website www.movia.si to check out the beauty of the estate and vineyards, and -if you can read slovenian- to gather extra information.
Movia wines have lots of character. So you know what to do to discover them: see you at Mig's this Saturday the 16th from 11 to 7pm.


Australian Winemakers @ Mig's!
Saturday the 9th of September, Mig's World Wines will go back to the future and become Mig's Wine Pouch once again! From 11Am to 7PM we'll be tasting (free as always) Aussie wines from Petaluma, Knappstein and Mitchelton wineries.
We'll be extremely happy to greet winemakers Toby Barlow of Mitchelton, Andrew Hardy of Petaluma, accompanied by Zoë Davey of Lion Nathan and Lorraine Carrigan of LCPR. This "dream team" will be hosting the tasting. A good opportunity to see new faces @ Mig's and to meet the guys and gals behind it all!
Bottom's up!


Better than Ryanair, Easy-Jet, Virgin... A FREE WORLD TOUR!!!
NO liquids on board aircrafts ?!
Well then, how about a compulsory tasting of liquids at Mig's?!
No queues, no body search, no passports, and corkscrews are allowed!!
Departures at your whim, all day from 11:00 to 7:00PM.
World tour starts in Spain, then to Hungary, then travels to Mexico and back up to California.

See you tomorrow then at our "welcome desk"!


La Bulgare…rit (…) car enfin elle sort de son ghetto de tête de banc de vin « cheap » mais pas très « cheerful » d’Aldi.
Commencent actuellement en Belgique des importations d’autres producteurs que le géant en place. Et, si on voit surtout des rouges ( Red Bull … gare ? …), les blancs survivent.
Chez Mig, si les rouges de ce pays sont surtout des cepages locaux (Mavrud … tavrud… savrud(aie aie aie…) et Rubin (Tuesday) (ouch… !) les blancs sont à prime abord « classiques » (Chardonnay, Sauviignon, Riesling).
A découvrir ce samedi 19 août en campagnie de l’importateur : Christophe Sepulveda. (Soyez rassurés, la qualité de ses vins est de loin supérieur à celle de mon sens de l’ « humour» (ouf !)

BULGARIAN WINE TASTING THIS SATURDAY 20th OF AUGUST (all day and free as always)

See you and Gezondheid.


Attention: pour une fois chez Mig's on ne fais pas les stakanovistes; on fait le pont (het brug in het Nederland), (not sure "to do the bridge" is good english but ...) So closed, gesolten et fermé le 14 et le 15 août.
Mais avant ça une p'tite dégustation ce samedi 12 août. A découvrir: deux portugais frais, un vinho verde classic et sec et un plus doux et fruité ( et oui ça existe aussi!)
Also to be discovered: a rich Spannish red from Calatayud (tongue twisting to say, tongue soothing to taste)
So, see you Saturday : Gezondheid!


Hello les aoûtiens, bonjour les juilletistes, bienvenue aux bronzés, hi "brownies"!
Dégustation "light" ce samedi 5 août (Attention light ne veut pas dire sans saveurs.).
Les pays "frais" sont excellents pour nous fournir des vins de la même veine et donc nous goûterons les vins d'Allemagne et d'Autriche.
Light and Fresh wines from "cool climate" Germany and Austria.