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A Taste of Honey + Fine Filliers 28/11/2019

A Taste of Honey


A succulent surprise from Canada: Spirit Hills from Alberta makes incredible “wines” solely out of honey. The wines are then infused with local berries or flowers. The results are very elegant beverages, guaranteed to bring a very pleasant surprise to a festive meal.


These wines can be tasted this Saturday. Just pop in.


Fine Filliers


Filliers is a Belgian Distillery with a long history and tradition of distilling grain for jenever. Although they’ve been in business since 1880, they never stopped innovating. But innovating without forgetting tradition.


We are happy to present @ Mig’s their latest “creations”, which have all knocked us off our feet when we first tasted them: 3 amazing barrel-aged jenevers (8, 17 and 21 (!) years old) showing extraordinary intensity and elegance. And the oldest Belgian Single Malt on the market today: a gorgeous ten-year-old, aged in sherry casks.


All these great bottles are open, so you can pop in and taste them at any time.