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Armenian Alternatives 29/02/2016

Armenia is, with its neighbor Georgia, considered the birthplace of grapes and wine. Because of its troubled history during the last century it had lost touch with its past of quality winemaking. It’s now having a spectacular comeback.

Like many eastern countries it has its own indigenous grapes. Mig’s is delighted to offer you the possibility to discover excellent wines with great depth of flavor made from local varietals such as Kangun, Areni & Karmrahyut.

You’ll also have the chance to taste another Armenian specialty, a Pomegranate wine! This off-dry wine has a good tannic structure and a pleasant bite. It can be paired with strong cheeses, dark chocolate and…we’re still experimenting!

This Saturday Marc, the importer of these intriguing wines, will host our weekly tasting from 2pm to 6pm (free of charge & open to all, as usual). If you can’t wait till Saturday, head to the Crab Club Restaurant and have a taste of the Tariri white (facebook.com/pages/Crab-club-Bruxelles). In this new trendy place, Philippe Emanuelli the sharp sommelier and creator always offers a great offbeat wine selection. Amongst others, you can choose from a Japanese Koshu, a Greek assyrtiko, a New York Riesling, or 3 different vintages from the Lebanese Château Musar – all supplied by Mig’s. They’re all good matches for the equally offbeat fresh food he and his associate Yoth and their team create every day.