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Art & Pinard 13/10/2008

Can wine be considered as art? There may be no answer to that, but at least art and wine will coexist this Saturday. My very good artist friend Olivier Damien will give us the great pleasure of presenting some of his newest paintings here at Mig's, and invites you all to taste with him a few of his favorite wines from our shop - Olivier's palate is as sharp as his palette! However, even though Olivier is multitalented, languages are not his strongest point! So, French only...! His paintings and books will be there to speak the language without frontiers that is pictorial art. Wine and art, an "art de vivre"? Yes, they are pleasures to be shared! So, see you here on Saturday!
PS: for your info, Olivier is the one who decorated the shop and did the painting
PPS: before the end of the year, Olivier will also create our new neon sign -with the technical help of Hubert and his team from Meta4