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Belgian Owl Whisky @ Mig’s on 10th October 03/10/2017

Mig’s has an extraordinary whisky tasting evening coming up very soon! On Tuesday October 10 we’ll be hosting a unique tasting of Belgium’s best-known whisky: the Belgian Owl. Femke who will be running this exceptional evening will tell you the whole story about this fabulous project. She’ll also bring along with her some special distillates straight from the cask and give you a glimpse of the future of Belgian Owl.

This tasting will be run on the same basis as the Laugh & Learn evenings, you’ll find the full instructions on our homepage. The gist of it is: 25.00€/person, send an email to sign up, no reimbursement if cancellation prior to 3 days’ notice…etc. And max 15 people, so hurry!

Also, do note that great goodies will be waiting for you that evening: a tombola with 20cl bottles of Belgian owl for 5 lucky winners, and a voucher with 20% off a bottle of Belgian Owl 3 years’ old (56.00€ shop price) for the less lucky-ones.

First come, First served - you know what to do!

PS: Mig’s has a cask of Belgian Owl gracefully aging at the distillery. It’ll surely be mature in a year’s time. More on this story on the 10th