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Belgium - 4 29/06/2016

No it’s not the score (yet !) but it’s the number of Belgian wines to be tasted this Saturday.

First of all, two “new kids” :

  • Entre 2 Monts “Eau devin”-  is it a wine? is it a spirit?......
  • Château Bon Baron Auxerrois – a fresh new wine from Jeanette

Plus two « usual suspects » :

  • The new vintage (2011) of Domaine du Chenoy « Taille aux Renards »
  • The elegant late harvoust of Pinot Gris  from Domein Aldeneyck

This week’s tasting is the first of three Belgian tastings to kick of the holidays.

Next week, we’ll taste the new vintages from Château de Bioul and the week after, André Goemans from Uylenbergher  will host a tasting of his wines.

Sprout to be Brussels, proud to be Belgian!

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