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Belgium bis 05/07/2016

I wasn’t totally wrong when I titled my last news « Belgium – 4 »: it was the right number of goals, but not exactly the score I had hoped for…! A false note from the Devils!

No lack of harmony however in the wines that we will taste this Saturday: the Belgian wines from the Château de Bioul are aged with music (yes, yes!) by winemaker Mélanie. Intrigued? Come and learn more about them, we’ve just visited the vineyard. Vanessa & Andy could have led a quiet castle life but they chose instead the perilous but fascinating wine adventure. To be discovered this weekend.

Reminder: do not forget our 16 th July tasting: the wines from the Uylenbergher Vineyard presented by the winemaker André Goemans.

Alleï, more from Belgium: we have just received our last allocation for the summer from the Cantillon Brewery. As well as the usual suspects we have a few cases of Saint-Gilloise – limited quantity, max 1 case per customer!

Cheers once again!