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Belgo Euro Vino & 4th of July 29/06/2010

Belgium is still alive and kicking (even though...) and will preside at the Council of the European Union as of 1st of July.
Mig's will participate in its own way and will offer each Saturday during the summer a Belgo/European tasting - except for the 10th of July when we'll have a "grand finale" South African tasting in honor of the World Cup.
This Saturday, come have a sip of the very rare rosé from the Vignoble des Agaises (Best Belgian Bubbles), of a nice wine from Romania, and to celebrate the 4th of July, we'll also taste two good cuvees from the USA.
Vacation will be good because Mig's never closes (except on official holidays!).
So, have a nice vacation, and see you here often!