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Belgo Euro Vino Part VII! 16/08/2010

This week-end, prepare your taste buds from some racy acidity! While you may be used to our great German Rieslings, you may not have recently tasted other varietals from our Mosel producer Schmitges:
- A Rivaner -often considered as a lesser quality varietal, but not in this case!
- A Weisser Burgunder (pinot blanc) -a very crisp example of this great varietal
Keep your taste awake with our Belgian red wines from the Domaine du Chenoy by Philippe Grafé. The Taille aux Renards (a pinotin) is a very light red (best when served slightly chilled) and the Butte aux Lièvres (a régent) has a bit more body and spiciness.
Pray for a little more summer weather to enjoy these wines at their best!