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B.O.B. 16/02/2015

Beer, oh beer !

Best of Brussels (beers)

Best of Belgium (beers)

Of course, if you enjoy these better Belgian beverages, you should always have Bob with you (that’s how we call the designated driver) to take you home!

@ Mig’s we stock all of Brussels’ beers and a small but high quality selection of Belgian beers from other regions, many of them supplied by Emanuele Corazzini (Nova Birra). Emanuele has himself created the Big Mama, Big Nose, Petite Gayoule…etc. He will host Mig’s Laugh & Learn evening dedicated to beer tasting coming up soon (Thursday 26th of February). There are still some seats left so you may book now. Emanuele also offers “zytologie” beer-making workshops (check out his website: www.novabirra.com). Our colleague Xavier has spent a weekend with him and is in the process of creating a beer in honor of Mig’s World Wines 20th anniversary! It will be brewed at the Jandrain-Jandrenouille brewery, so it’s bound to be delicious! Stay tuned for more info beer, hum, here!

Back to wine: new South African vintages have just arrived and that’s what we’ll taste this Saturday.

Beers… ooops, cheers!