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Bye Bye Oli/New wines/Early Bird Ruffus 19/03/2018

At the end of this week we’ll be saying farewell to Olivier who’s “en route vers de nouvelles aventures”, back to France. All the best, Oli, and Mig’s team says “un grand merci pour tout”.

Following a great tasting last week with Nico from Intervinos, we’ll be getting interesting new wines this week. To see what’s new in our selection, check out our ‘latest arrivals’ on our homepage.

The Best Belgian Bubbles, the Cuvée Ruffus from the Vignoble des Agaises, is back in stock @ Mig’s! Very early this time, the reason being the estate has decided to do two bottlings this year. It’s just been bottled so to enjoy this sparkling at its best, you may want to let it settle a few weeks before popping the cork!