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Down 11/06/2012

Many people still think that wines from the antipodes are all easy drinking, fruit-driven wines that are best drunk young. Nor so, or at least not always so. Check for yourselves this Saturday. We’ll have two wines from 1999 to taste, an Aussie and a Kiwi. These two mature wines not only drink perfectly well now, they‘re also offered at a rebate price – not to be missed:

Pikes Cabernet Sauvignon 1999: 18.20€ now only 16.00€

Bilancia Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 1999: 23.50€ now only 20.00€

To complement these top wines we’ll have to other mature wines to taste: one also from down south (Patagonia) and one from not so far away (Catalunya). These two are also offered at a rebate price:

Canale Merlot/ Pinot Noir 2003: 8.00€ now only 5.30€

Bohigas Luxe Blanc de Tres 2007 : 14.40€ now only 7.60€ if you buy from one to five bottles, 7.10€ if you buy six and only 6.60€ if you reach twelve bottles.

Mig’s: a great place for cheap(er) and cheer…full (of flavor) wines!

See you soon! Cheers!

PS: don’t miss next week’s newsletter for a preview of our mid-summer tastings: the Olymp Mig’s World Wines Marathon!