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Dried Grapes & Bongo Time 20/02/2012

Dried grapes, that's what's needed to make one of Italia's (& the world's) best wine: the Amarone (grapes that are also used for its « sweeter » brother, the Recioto). These grapes are so rich & flavorsome that even the lees are used to make "ripasso". Whatever...- to understand what's behind all this gobbledygook pop into Mig's this Saturday and taste these great Valpolicella-based wines with Paolo, owner & winemaker of the Azienda Agricola Monte Faustino. This yearly tasting is one of our (and your) favorites, so don't miss it!

This week may be Carnavale in Venice, but all the fun will be at Mig's tasting these wines from Veneto.


PS: for the Bongo detainers of a 2011 voucher, please note that time's up end of this month!!