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Du Bon, du Belge, du Baele! 24/05/2011

Baele? This is the name of the family who created the Ry d'Argent, a vineyard from the Namur area.
Mig's has selected four of their wines, 3 reds and a rosé. This Saturday, Jean-François, the son and winemaker, will host himself the tasting of these wines (please note: until 5pm only).
Allei, more good Belgian wines to be discovered!

Furthermore, we had promised special deals this week, so here they are:

  •  From Australia: the St Mary's petit verdot 2003: 12.00 € instead of 17.00 €. An excellent mature Aussie wine made from a lesser-known Bordeaux varietal
  •  Also from Australia: the various Sacred Hill, the colombard/chardonnay and the shiraz/cabernet (at 5.40 € instead of 6.40 €) and also the cabernet/merlot at 5.90 € instead of 6.90 €
  •  From Argentina : the Alamos viognier, chardonnay and malbec, three supers wines at 6.90 € instead of 7.40 €
  •  And from New-Zealand: thee White Cliff sauvignon blanc at 8.90 € instead of 10.50 € - such a wine under 10.00 €, is exceptional!

As usual this offer is limited in stock & time!