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Final Four ! 05/07/2010

The Great Final is arriving, the tension is getting higher and so goes the level of the South African wines and liquors that you'll taste this Saturday at Mig's!
To finish that splendid month of South-African wines tastings, we'll have 4 exceptional products!!!!
First of all, we'll have a great vintage 2002 bubble to cheer the new World Champion, then one of the best Chardonnay of the planet, the Hamilton Russel Chardonnay , a must!
How could we leave South Africa without appreciating a great PinotageTHE South-African grape variety !!! So pop up and taste the Carpe Diem Pinotage from Diemersfontein! One of the best! Power, elegance, complexity, length...
Finally, we'll have a thought for all those poor animals of the Kalahari who get drunk by eating that delicious fruit called Marula. It is a fruit which is fermented when it falls on the ground and that they love, who knows why!!! The Amarula Cream is made with that fruit and is as delicious as it's typical, a South-African institution to be discovered at Mig's!!