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Focus on Rioja 15/05/2017

Rioja is probably the best-known wine region in Spain. At Mig’s we always stock a nice selection of Riojas ranging from 11.50€ to 121.60€ a bottle:

Carlos Serres Rioja Reserva 2010              11.50€

Valenciso Rioja Reserva 2009                      21.50€

Beronia Rioja Gran reserva 2009               27.20€

La Rioja Alta Gran reserva 904 2007         42.60€

La Rioja Alta Gran reserva 890 2004         121.60€

La Rioja Alta -as one can imagine seeing their price- is at the pinnacle of this great wine region.

904 is rated 93/100 and 890 is rated 95/100, going up to 98 (Guia Penin) and 99 (El Mundo Vino) in Spain!


We only have a handful of the 890; however, we do have a few cases of the 904 in stock and we’ll be opening a bottle this Saturday!

See you! Salud!