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GOOD NEWS FROM THE USA + « 7 » 13/02/2017

Really? Good news from the USA?! Yes! It’s possible, at least regarding wines @ Mig’s. We’ve just received stock of 5 new Californian wines: 3 whites from our “usual suspects” – Bogle & Frog’s leap – and 2 top-end reds from our “new kid on the block” – The Red car winery. Pop in & discover them this Saturday, our intern Philippe will host the tasting (can’t wait to taste them ourselves!).

“7”: @ Mig’s, we often stock wines & spirits with “Birthday vintages”. And not only those ending in “7”. A tip: just put into our search box the vintage you’re looking for. Nothing comes up? Give us a call or send us an email with your request. We’ll do some research and do our best to find it. Just give us a week or two.