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Hibiki ‘s back ! And other stories… 26/04/2019

After being out of stock for a long time, the iconic whisky from Suntory is back! It would be wise, due to its success, for you to show up at Mig’s very shortly…

Also new in stock:

  1. The Monica di Sardegna from Mora & Memo, a wine from Southern Sardegna that was unanimous in our staff. Aromatic & spicy, lots of concentrated red fruit and a long finish. Pleasant and easily accessible…
  2. We also appreciated its white counterpart, the Vermentino di Sardegna for its floral & fruity qualities, its fresh crispness with a touch of aniseed.
  3. A new beer from the Witloof Brewery, the well named Saison Sitchuan. Infused with Szechuan pepper, it has a malted softness and notes of citrussy honey.