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Hungary? Thirsty? Tokaji? Okay? 19/04/2010

"The Wine of Kings, the King of Wines" is the motto of the legendary Tokaji Aszu wines from Hungary. This week-end @ Mig's we'll be doing some tongue-twisting exercises. Try this for a start: Nyakas, Hétzölö, Egri bikaver, Kékfrancos... Pheew! Happily, the Magyar wines are kinder to our palates. Saturday this regal tasting will be hosted by the "king" of Hungarian wines in Belgium: Peter Goossens from Global Wineries. Tasting starts with a fresh Irsai Oliver, then it's "T" time with red wines from Tackler and Thummerer. And we'll finish with the crown jewel: the Tokaji Aszù 6 puttonyos from Hétzölö.
As usual the tasting is from 11am to 7pm, so you can make it on time: as we say in French: "la ponctualité est la politesse des rois!".