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Laugh & Learn is now online! 27/05/2020

Starting next week, we’re bringing our popular Laugh & Learn evenings to you live on the web. Because we missed you during the quarantine, we’ve schemed-up a way to bring these tasting sessions into your home. We'll offer spirits tastings at first, in a later stage we might even do wine tastings.

So pull out your calendars, the very first online Laugh & Learn ever will be held on Thursday 4 June at 7:15PM.

To join, simply purchase a Spirits Tasting Pack. The pack will contain 6 samples to give you an opportunity to try a selection of spirits at home and a tasting sheet. The link and password for a Zoom meeting will be sent to in a later stage. We've chosen to use Zoom because it seems to be the best solution to continue having that interaction and relaxed atmosphere that we like so much. You don't need much to participate to a Zoom meeting. Just click on the link to download the app. You might want to try it a bit beforehand in order to be ready on time!

A limited number of packages are available, so as usual: first come, first served! The price of the tasting is 30 euros. All packs are available for purchase on our website and can be delivered (with a delivery fee) or picked up from our store. You can also just order by email: mig@migsworldwines.be.

The bottles are recyclable. Keeping the environment in mind, we ask that, if you can, you return your empty bottles to us after the tasting.

Our first Spirits tasting is all about Whisky with "new Whis-kids on the block". We've kept our eyes and noses open during the lockdown to find new exciting whiskies which we will showcase during this first online Laugh & Learn.

Purchase your pack here (http://www.migsworldwines.be/en/spirits/laugh-and-learn-pack-whisky-june-4-new-whis-kids-on-the-block-gift-boxes) and join us at 7:15PM on Thursday June 4.

Other Laugh & Learn Evenings will follow soon, more in our next newsletters.


Take care and keep safe.