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Les beaux vins de Rabovins! 11/10/2010

For the third week in a row, we'll have the pleasure of welcoming @ Mig's one of our suppliers for our weekly Saturday tasting. This time Rabotvins represented by Patrick Brohée will be our guest. This is the importer who supplies us with one of our all-time favorites: the Leth pinot noir from Austria. The new 2008 vintage has just come in.
The tasting will start with a light and crisp white wine from Gascogne, will be followed by an aromatic sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, will include a rich and spicy Toro from Spain and will end with a full-bodied Châteauneuf du Pape. Lightness, crispiness, complexity and power, you are invited to a complete tasting! See you Saturday. Cheers!