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Matthys @ Mig's! 13/09/2010

Once upon a time... a guy called Mig created a corner of Aussie wines in a shop and called it « The Aussie Wine Pouch ». He asked importers of Down Under wines for their support: the first to respond was Frank of Matthys Wijnimport. A year or so later, Mig opened his own small wine boutique and named it "Mig's Wine Pouch". Yet another few years later, the Pouch moved to the Chaussée de Charleroi and due to its larger size, became "Mig's World Wines". The logo however has remained roughly the same throughout the years, with a kangaroo stashing a bottle in his pouch!
To celebrate almost 20 years of partnership, Frank will be hosting this Saturday's tasting. Aussie wines will of course be the center of the show, with Frank's full selection of wines from Tulloch Winery, from the famous Hunter Valley: a new sparkling, two whites & two reds. To kick off the tasting, we'll start with two great value wines from the Chilean Estate Anakena.
Meeting Frank is not only an opportunity to taste great wines but also to have an insight on what it is to travel the world to find them. Don't miss this tasting!