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Message from Miguel 11/03/2022

Hello dear customers,

It's been a very long time since I've said hello to you. Too much things going on at the moment ; I also had a burn out which took me away from you and my team.

But I am well recovered now and if I am no longer at the store (I am retired) for the daily work, I will have the pleasure to see you during "special" events.

The first one will take place very soon and will mix a Mig's tasting, art, upcycling, beautiful brocante and vintage decoration: you can note already the 19th and 20th of March in your agenda and stay tuned, an invitation will be sent soon.

Since I was not there, I could not thank you, my customers, my suppliers and all the members of my team.

Remember my team:

First : Régis, then Dorian and, of course!, Lucy !

Then: Xavier, Christian, Spyro, Olivier and, again, Lucy.

Let's continue:

Patrick, Eva, Jules, Thierry and, still, Lucy.

And then the new team managed by Thierry in place:

Joséphine and Tom followed by the current team :

Thierry and Emeline, Claire, Lauryne and Simon.

And I don't forget our faithful translator, Birgitt, as well as many occasional helpers. I am thinking in particular of Valérie.

Without them, and without all of you, Mig's would not be what it is now.

During these 26 "vintages", working with you has been a real pleasure and an enrichment at all times.

I would simply like say to you all:

A very big THANK YOU!