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Mexico - Japan – Stéphanie 05/09/2016

  1. Caramba! Patrick is in Mexico - not under a sombrero but working hard at visiting Tequila & Mezcal distilleries! Follow Pat’s agave trail on our FaceBook page – Wi-Fi permitting!
  2. Japanese whiskies. All Japanese whisky fans know how hard it is to get a hold of the best bottles: low stocks, higher prices…@ Mig’s we do our very best to get as much stock as possible and to keep prices reasonable. Right now, here’s what we have in stock:


From the Barrel

Taketsuru Pure Malt

Taketsuru 17 years (very little)

Coffey Malt

Coffey Grain

Blended 40%


Hakushu Distillers’ Reserve (little)

Hakushu 12 years

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Nip…in quickly if you want any! Note that this Saturday you’ll have a chance to taste some of the Nikka whiskies.

  1. Stéphanie: the tunnel is at last reopened! It’ll be easier for you customers with a car to come to the store. The easiest parking lot to go to is the Wiltcher’s that you can accessed from the avenue Louise – it has an exit through the patio that gives right into the chaussée de Charleroi across from us. You can also go to the parking Stéphanie on rue de Livourne 12, or the Parking Louise Village on the rue De Joncker 32. We’re of course also accessible by tram, metro or Villo bicycle, and we can supply strong carry bags for the pedestrians!

See you soon @ Mig’s! Cheers!