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Mig’s & Belgian wines on RTL + biodynamic Italian wines 10/10/2016

This Tuesday 11 October on RTL Television Miguel will be present in the show « Pour ou Contre » at 12.35 (see the rerun on rtl.be if you miss it live http://www.rtl.be/videos/categorie/pour-ou-contre/4730.aspx ). The subject will be “Could the Belgians give up their beer for Belgian wine?” Even though Miguel isn’t “against” drinking beer, he will defend the option “for” Belgian wine.

Reminder: Mig’s has in stock wines from a good dozen of Belgian vineyards. Do taste them if you haven’t already.

Also to be discovered this Saturday: our new range of biodynamic Italian wines. Lunari’s wines are not only good for the terroir where they’re produced, they also support the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) through their campaign “SOS Lupo”.

See you! Cheers!