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Mig's World Wines x Palais des Thés - Risottooo ! 06/11/2021

Mig's World Wines and Palais des Thés unite to make your tasting moments memorable once again !

For this second version, we propose an aromatic association between :
- A creamy risotto with mushrooms
- The Foundry, Roussane, 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa, a white wine (18€)
- Rou Gui de Monsieur Chen, an Oolong tea from China

During the same tasting, passing from one to the other, you will feel their aromas and textures evolve and influence each other.
A harmonious match between the nutty and chestnut flavours of the tea and the autumnal forest aromas of the risotto. The woody notes of the wine reveal the umami flavour of the mushroom. The acidity and fullness of the wine sustain the creamy texture of the risotto and give roundness to the tea.
The floral bouquet of the tea brings freshness into this pairing.

Finally, a long finish with honey and mushroom flavours, and above all, full of sweetness.
Like an autumnal caress.

With this publication, you will get a 15% discount on these products (excl. risotto) in both shops, until 27 November inclusive!