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New 4 U! Be our guinea pigs! 24/02/2014

Tired of our weekly bin ends tastings?! This week’s tasting will be a welcome change 4 U: only new kids on the block. Pop in Saturday and check out our new wines from South Africa. How are they? We wouldn’t have the faintest! They come from our trustworthy supplier Frank Matthys but you’ll be our guinea pigs!

C. U. Sat! Cheers!

PS: quite a few quality websites mention Mig’s World Wines. Check them out (CityPlug, Brussels Life, Yelp, Eating, Le Petit Futé, Oeno-Belgium…etc) and if you enjoy being our customer, give them your feedback. And if for any reason you don’t appreciate what we’re up to, you’re very welcome to pop in the store and talk to us about it! But please don’t tell anyone else!! Cheers anyway!