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New & Old! 03/09/2013

Once again, we have some good old Aussie wines in stock – vintage 2001 for both of them! Come taste them this Saturday, you’ll be surprised at how good they are. You’ll also get a chance to taste two other new wines: an Italian pinot grigio from Corte Giacobbe and a full-bodied Californian red from the very popular Bogle Winery.

Reminder: our Laugh & Learn tasting evenings start as from mid-September. Check the schedule on this homepage. The whisky tastings are almost all fully booked but there’s still room for the wine tastings. Hurry up, they start very soon!

Important upcoming event on Thursday 19 September: Mig’s will be actively participating in the Vendanges Louise event. We’ll shortly forward an invitation to our newsletter clients. The evening will consist of a Belgian wine tasting at the Bellerose Shop and a World Wines Tour in over 12 shops of the Rue de Namur. And to kick off the evening, you’ll get to taste -here at the shop- the new Tamdhu whisky with Antony McCallum-Caron ("Rare Malt Manager") and Claudia Hamm (Whisky Ambassador 2010).

Make sure to block the date! And stay tuned for more info.

See you! Cheers!