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New from South Africa 19/05/2014

Our long-time supplier Frank Matthys has started importing new South African wines which you’ll discover @ Mig’s this coming Saturday.

One of them, the Thunderchild is of particular interest as it has a social dimension: the profit of the wine sales will go to the Herberg Children´s Home in Robertson – a home that cares for 122 children from difficult backgrounds. Click here for more info on this great project.

Tierhoek is a vineyard situated in altitude on the peaks of the Piekenierskloof near Cederberg. This perfect location conveys great freshness and minerality to the grapes: a crisp chenin blanc, an elegant red and a straw wine made from dried grapes of chenin blanc.

Blankbottle wines could be defined as quality wines that represent their terroir in a unique and interesting way: grapes are sourced from around 30 different vineyards and assembled by Pieter Walser. Blankbottle because nor grape variety nor vintage are indicated on the bottle! Just like whisky, these are single batch wines: all drink, all gone, never to be found again.

So have a go at it!

See you Saturday! Cheers!