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New quality bubbles @ Mig’s. And they are N.A.! 10/08/2020

Non-alcoholic drinks are a difficult take for Mig’s team. We cannot often find one that offers both quality and a ‘grown-up’ feel to it.

Nonetheless, we have recently added a very enjoyable sparkling to our small selection of N.A. beverages. It is fresh, totally dry, and quite complex: small red berry-flavors, a hint of mint and a touch of raspberry vinegar!

‘Feliz, mindful sparkling rosé’ is its name. It is made from No Ghost Herbal Delight (another quality N.A. product) and shrub. Ludwig, the creator of the No Ghost brand is also the author of the famous Ginetical wooded gin. So yes, despite its Hispanic name, Feliz is 100% Belgian.

The 33cl bottle can serve 2 and costs 5.20€.

Let us take the opportunity to list here what Mig’s stocks as non-alcoholic drinks:

  • From No Ghost in the Bottle (Belgium), to be mixed with tonic:

Floral Delight, Herbal Delight & Ginger Delight

All three in two sizes 70cl @ 27.00€ and 35cl @ 16.00€

  • From Seedlip (UK), also to be mixed with tonic:

Garden 108 (Herbal), Spice 94 (Aromatic) & Grove 42 (Citrus). All three @ 28.00€

  • From Viña 0°, organic ‘wines’:

Classic (sparkling), Le Chardonnay (white) & Le Merlot (red). All three @ 7.00€

  • And while they are NOT N.A., we have two very enjoyable LOW ALC. drinks (2% vol) from our very local L’Annexe Brasserie Fermenterie (500m from Mig’s):

Amarilis Ginger Beer & Amarilis Fleur de Sureau (elderflower). Both @ 2.20€

So, if the high degrees outdoors incite you to lower the ones you consume, you now know you can also count on Mig’s for that!