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(Not the) Usual Suspects! + Olymp-Mig's! 18/06/2012

This Saturday @ Mig’s we’ve chosen to offer for tasting four wines from weird & wonderful varietals and styles off the beaten track! Be daring & join us! Cheers!

2012 Olymp-Mig’s World Wines Marathon

Be sport and join Mig’s for a marathon wine tasting! During the London Olympic Games Mig’s will run 3 special tastings.

Saturday 28 July: Swimming                      6 wines from 6 different countries to enjoy by the pool

Saturday 4 August: Gymnastics                6 fine & elegant wines from 6 different countries

Saturday 11 August: Athletics                    6 full-bodied wines from 6 different countries

Come every Saturday to taste these wines and vote each week for your “podium” of gold, silver & bronze. At the end of the marathon we’ll organize a draw and the winning customer will receive a gift pack of the 3 gold medal wines. And even if you don’t win the gold prize, remember that “L’Important est de Participer” (Pierre de Coubertin)! So be there!

Tastings will be held with spittoons because Olymp-Mig’s: YES!, Olymp-hic: NO! Practicing the sport of tasting can be done at home, but mostly every Saturday @ Mig’s. Rules are: Pulling the cork or unscrewing the cap, pouring in the glass, lifting the glass to your nose, swirling the wine in your glass, sniffing the bouquet, pouring in the mouth, spitting into the spittoon and then of course smiling (if the wine is good) or smirking (if it ain’t)!

See you mid-summer for these Olymp-Mig’s! Cheers!