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Novelties 22/02/2016

Once upon a time, Mig went to the London Wine Fair with his first and foremost supplier, Frank Matthys. “Let’s split and meet again in an hour or so and share our discoveries”” says Frank. Off I go (with my wife Véronique) and on our tour, we spot a handsome man (looks like “George” says Vé) with a small line-up of 4 pretty graphic-labeled bottles. After trying and enjoying the first, I ask to taste the others. As a matter of fact, says Yiannis (not George), the wines are all the same! My artist friend drew 4 different labels and I didn’t have the heart to choose!

Back to Frank a little later; he says:”I’ve spotted a great wine producer, follow me”. Yes, you’ve guessed right, we had picked out the same one: Yiannis Paraskevopoulos from Gaia Estate with the stylishly-labeled Notios!

Gaia Estate wines have been part of our selection ever since (over 15 years now!). However, the Notios had been missing for a few years. It’s now back in stock with a new label: the graphics have been revisited and the 4 designs are now together on the same label. You can check the various images on the internet, but you need to pop in here this Saturday to taste the wines (white & red)!

A couple of new wines is not enough for a proper Mig’s tasting, so we’ll add to that 2 new Canadian wines as well.

See you then! Cheers!