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November-heavy agenda @ Mig’s! 08/11/2012

Take your agenda (or your smart phone) & pen (or just your finger) because November is full of great tasting events @ Mig’s.

10/11: This Saturday will be a “surprise” tasting of over a dozen great new wines or new vintages from Mig’s first major supplier – Frank Matthys. During Frank’s Open Door Days Miguel ran through 120 wines (spittoon mandatory!) and has cherry picked the most interesting to share with you. A wonderful and sometimes weird selection.

17/11: Top white Burgundy tasting of Verget wines  owned by the maverick Belgian Jean-Marie Guffens. As well as these “Bourgognes blancs”, Verget produces great value wines from the Lubéron. This tasting will be hosted by Johan Rosius - importer.

24/11: World Whiskies from Japan, India, Wales, the U.S.A., Canada, Ireland & yes, Scotland.

All these countries (amongst others) produce interesting whiskies. Our major quality spirits supplier Claudia Hamm (Belgian whisky ambassador 2010) will host this “World Tour” tasting. Watch out, this special event is an afternoon tasting only (2 to 6 P.M.) and although it’s free, you’ll have to book – stay tuned for full information.

29/11: Bonnes Bières Belges – A Laugh & Learn special event

This will be a Thursday evening “Laugh & Learn”. Emanuele Corazzini from Nova Birra will not only run a tasting but will also talk about the home brewing courses he runs. A unique opportunity to understand more of our country’s “National treasure”. Watch out, once again booking is mandatory (20€ fee) & seating is limited. First in, first served. Alleï Santé!

01/12 : D’arenberg Australian winery – 100 years

This is it – the great D’Arenberg “horizontal tasting” hosted by Christophe Heynen – importer. A large selection of D’Arenberg wines will be poured so that you can get the full picture of this great winery. During the day, the current vintages will be poured. But that’s not all: after the shop closes, we’ll continue the tasting with another ‘horizontal tasting” of an older vintage. This evening event is also free but booking will be necessary – stay tuned for full information.

And don’t forget that there’s a plane ticket to Australia to visit the D’Arenberg Estate to be won. Check hereunder more information.