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Papa/Daddy @ Mig's 06/06/2011

Don't forget Fathers' Day this Sunday June 12! Mig's has a wide selection of great gifts from which to choose.
Lots of wines of course, great magnums of both wine and Champagne, also a large selection of Belgian wines -speaking of which we now have a good new Belgian Bubble to add to the Cuvée Ruffus from the Vignoble des Agaises: the "Wiscoutre" from Entre-Deux-Monts. Pop one for Papa!
Let's stay in Belgium for good news: after his visit here, Jean-François Baele decided to give us (and thus you) better prices on his wines from the Ry d'Argent! Up for grabs!
Also from Belgium we have on offer the selection of spirits from the Distillerie de Biercée and the wonderful "Belgian Owl" whisky.
As for whiskies, we have a selection of +/- 80 different ones from 8 countries, including the excellent ones from Japan.
Rich rums and other spirits are there too, more or less 150 of them. We can pin down:
- Monkey 47 and Hendricks gin
- Stolichnaya Elit vodka
- Lemorton Calvados
- Herradura Téquila
- Delamain Cognac
- Darroze Bas-Armagnac
- Marolo Grappa
- Meyer Eaux de Vie from Alsace
And Absinth, Limoncello, Amarula... Why not a good saké?
And for the Dads whose cellar is already full, we have wine accessories: corkscrews, decanters, glasses,...
Why not all come together to choose and at the same time have a taste of the excellent Argentinean range of Alamos wines?
Cheers! And Happy Fathers Day to all!