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Parcours d’Artistes Saint Gilles @ Mig’s (part 3) 15/05/2012

Absent fathers/Girl power !

This week-end is the last one for the Parcours d’Artistes. So once again, Mig’s will be open on Sunday from 2pm to 7pm. However Mig & Olivier will be away that day, so their daughters (Coline & Juliette) will welcome you instead: Girl power!

This Saturday’s tasting will also be rejuvenated as Dorian – the younger one in our team! - will be hosting. He’ll be showcasing our “cheap & cheerful” wines highlighted by an interesting new rosé: a very light (often called “gris” in France) & elegant wine from the Coteaux d’Aix en Provence.

See you Saturday & Sunday but please note: Mig’s will of course be closed on the public holiday Thursday the 17th.