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Petit tour d'Amérique Latine! 29/11/2010

Let's take a tour of Latin America to taste a few of our novelties. But before going, let's start our tasting with fine Italian bubbles: a nice Prosecco, the Ita Brut.
Let us then take our tour "the Vuelta" of Argentina, in both white and red. We'll move on to stronger stuff with two unusual grape varieties for those horizons: a sangiovese and a tannat.
We'll finish this great trip by climbing up to the summits both geographically (the Andes) and qualitatively with the Catena Alta cabernet sauvignon, and on the other side of the cordillera with one of the best Chilean carmenères, the De Martino Alto de Piedras.
Nico from Intervinos, the importer of these grand crus, will be your guide on this trip.