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Sake is back in Mig's collection ! 02/12/2021

Sake is back in Mig's collection after many months of waiting!

"Sake for the body, haiku for the heart" (Santoka)

- Konishi is one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan, thriving since 1550!
Sake Gold is very fruity. It has notes of citrus, pear, cucumber and fennel. (19.10€)

-Niigata Meijo has been producing sake for nearly 80 years in an ideal environment for rice cultivation and brewing. The brewery is located in Ojiya, in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains in winter. The water is the purest and the soil is very fertile.
The Choju No Yume Sake stands out for its floral, fresh and citrusy taste. (22€)

-Founded in 1615, Sakata Shuzo brewery produces exclusively Junmai and Ginjo, following the traditional Kimoto brewing techniques. This intensive technique uses local yeasts, homemade koji and a long fermentation process.
Jokigen junmai sake is rich and complex with notes of stone fruits. (31€)

A never-ending discovery!