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This & That & Textual! 25/01/2010

This coming Saturday at Mig's, you'll have a chance to taste an organic chardonnay from Chile (light, fruity and citrusy), and an almost organic red from Southern France ("viticulture raisonnée" is what they say in French, meaning very lightly dosed in sulfites): Gamma Organica Chardonnay and Cuvée des Galets. Also to be tasted: another French wine, the Château de Crouseilles, this one from the appellation Madiran - an appellation from South Western France that is known for its strong character. And this wine has won the Gold Medal at the Vinalies Internationales.
Also, be our guinea pigs!: discover with us Zuccardi's Textual Ancellotta (Argentina). An excerpt from their back label: "Ancellotta is an Italian grape variety grown particularly in the Emilia region. Textual has deep violet colors with black & blue notes. Ripe fruit aromas such as berries, figs, plums and raspberries are complemented with sweet and round tannins, giving a pleasant and long finish."