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Two New & Two Old Favorites! 06/04/2010

This week's tasting: a new one-shot (lots of stock though) of a great mature 2005 Cab sauv from Argentina, the Mano & Mano. Buy two, one for each hand! A great spring wine for just 5.00 €.
Also new & sunny, the Pithecusa from the Island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. Another character-full wine to add to our ever growing range of wines from the boot (now up to 66!).
Two old favorites to follow: at Mig's we love the finesse of the pinot noir varietal (we have +/- 30 pinots from +/- 10 countries!). The Prahova pinot noir from Romania is a great way to kick off the sunny (we're optimistic!) season. Drink lightly chilled and it'll score!
And last but not least, finish off light & fresh with the grapey Theuniskraal Muscat Ottonel from South Africa. A (foot)ball of fun! Easter cheers!