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Vinos Extremos: Cara Sur, Argentina 29/05/2017

Cara Sur is the « personal » project of Sebastian Zuccardi, third generation of the Zuccardi family, one of the largest privately-owned wine producers of Argentina.

The Cara Sur wines come from the Valle de Calingasta near San Juan, north of Mendoza. These vineyards culminate at 1500m above sea level. Climbing up is a way of crafting finer wines in Argentina: the higher the altitude, the cooler the grapes, the more elegant the resulting wines.

The Cara Sur labels indicate: ”naturaleza extrema, intensidad en la fruta, innovación in bodega, cuidado manual en cada botella, vinos extremos”. Also: “fermentación con levaduras nativas”. No need to translate, it’s all quite explicit!

For one of his wines, Sebastian has chosen the Bonarda varietal - not related to the Italian Bonarda but closer to the French Charbonneau. Elegant but nicely structured, good for this summer’s BBQs.

The Criolla is very widespread in Argentina, mostly used for very simple wines (not the case of Cara Sur, of course!). It seems to be close to the Mission varietal, some say the Chilean Païs. And it’s sometimes called “la Douce Noire” which is not to be mistaken with Dolcetto…A little confusing? Quite! But the answer is in the glass: a light but very elegant wine for light summer meals.

Pop in on Saturday & taste these wines for yourself! Salud!