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Votez/Stem Mig's! 08/10/2012

Vote Mig’s this week-end!

Why? Because Mig’s respects his suppliers, his team and you, his clients. Because Mig’s offers a great selection, good prices and our best advice. And also because, unlike the politicians, Mig’s can offer you a good glass of wine!

This week-end @ Mig’s you’ll taste: Perdeberg chardonnay/viognier, Thomas Mitchell marsanne, Château Maris and D’Arrys Original from d’Arenberg Wine Estate (anybody participating to the tasting will have a chance of signing up for the special D’Arenberg tombola – details here below)! Good luck!

Mig’s advice for this Sunday:

First of all, apply your right: vote! Even if imperfect, our democracy is worth your participation. Secondly: vote knowingly. Choose a candidate who’s really at the service of the commune and all its citizens. Thirdly: celebrate the victory (or drown your grief) with a good bottle from Mig’s!