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We love pinot noir @ Mig’s 05/03/2018

Pinot noir is a fickle grape variety – picked too early it gives green vegetal notes to the wine, picked too late, it can make wines jammy. But when it’s well tended to, it can give wines of great elegance whether in a light style (Alsatian, for instance) or in a very complex velvety style (i.e. the great wines from Burgundy). No wonder that with these characteristics pinot noir is considered a winemaker’s varietal. It’s also one of the most appreciated grapes in the wine business. In that respect we’re no different @ Mig’s, we love it! We offer pinots noirs from many different countries and at all price ranges. Check out our current list online by putting ‘pinot noir’ in our search box. To have a complete list, you’ll need a second search with ‘Bourgogne’ in the box. To make things easier for you, here are the two links:



Also do note that we sometimes have one-shots that do not appear on our website.

This Saturday we’ll taste a new addition to this selection, a pinot noir from New Zealand. The Summerhouse is smooth & at a light price.

See you! Cheers!