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Whisky Week @ Mig’s ! 24/04/2017

We still have a few seats available for our Laugh & Learn Bourbon & Rye tasting evening this coming Wednesday. No Jacks, no Roses (not even one, so let alone Four!), but a great selection of US whiskeys – Bourbon & Rye- will be tasted. To book, give us a call or send an email.

 By the end of this week we’ll be receiving a tiny stock of Japanese whiskies from Suntory: Yamazaki, Hibiki & Hakushu. Unfortunately, quantities go down and prices keep climbing … Sorry…

We’ll also be stocking Loch Lomond whisky – yes, the very one that Snowy & Captain Haddock drink in the Tintin books! Their signature blend is of great value: 25.00€! We’ll open a bottle for you to taste this Saturday.