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Sake is back in Mig's collection after many months of waiting!

"Sake for the body, haiku for the heart" (Santoka)

- Konishi is one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan, thriving since 1550!
Sake Gold is very fruity. It has notes of citrus, pear, cucumber and… More

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Laugh & Learn is now online!


Pull out your calendars, here are the new dates for the Laugh & Learn sessions. Only Spirits on the menu for now.

To join, simply purchase a Spirits Tasting Pack. The pack will contain 6 samples to give you an opportunity to try a selection of spirits at home and a tasting sheet. The link and password for a Zoom meeting will be sent to you the day before the tasting. We've chosen to use Zoom because it seems to be the best solution to continue having that interaction and relaxed atmosphere that we like so much. You don't need much to participate to a Zoom meeting. Just click on the link to download the app. You might want to try it a bit beforehand in order to be ready on time!

A limited number of packages are available, so as usual: first come, first served! The price for all tastings is 30 euros. All packs are available for purchase on our website and can be delivered (with a delivery fee) or picked up from our store. You can also just order by email: mig@migsworldwines.be.

The bottles are recyclable. Keeping the environment in mind, we ask that you return your empty bottles to us after the tasting.



“Tequila y Mezcal (y more)”: Discover the elegant and artisanal side of these exciting agave spirits from Mexico.

-> Wednesday May 5 at 7:15 PM


Whisky - Introduction

-> Wednesday May 19 at 7:15 PM


Whisky - The Blends: The unsung heroes of the whisky world. Blends constitute the vast majority of the whiskies produced and suffer from a bad reputation. But some blends are extraordinary and worthy of a prominent place in your bar. Blends are like cooking, combining ingredients to make a better product.

-> Friday May 28 at 7:15 PM


France’s Noble Spirits: Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados and others.

-> Friday June 4 at 7:15 PM


Whisky - “The Barrel": Sherry butt, Bourbon barrel, special finishing, etc. In this tasting we focus on this noble vessel where whisky spends most of its time and which is said to be responsible for 3/4 of its taste.

-> Friday June 11 at 7:15 PM


Traditionnal Rum : The original rums which are made from molasses. Discover a vast variety of styles: Latin, Cuban, British and much more.

-> Wednesday June 16 at 7:15 PM



Take care and keep safe.

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