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Our Laugh & Learn sessions are back ! 01/09/2022

Dear wines and spirits lovers of the world,

You've been waiting for them, our Laugh & Learn sessions are back ! The first one will start on Wednesday, September 14.

Mark your calendars : book your wednesday evenings for the fall semester and be ready to discover more about wines and spirits.

It's easy to sign up ! : send us an email to mig@migsworldwines.be mentioning the sessions you wish to attend and the number of participants.One session cost 35€/participant and includes the tasting of 6 to 8 wines/spirits and something to snack on.

 Most of the time the evening is held in English or Dutch but it often ends with a kind of "franglish" ;)


Time for the themes,

Wed, Sept 14 : Rhum world tour !

Wed, Sept 21 : Senses upside down ! : introduction to wine tasting

Wed, Sept 28 : Special guest at mig's : STARWARD DISTILLERY – we are lucky to welcome the brand ambassador Scott English of Australian whisky Starward for an evening. Come travel with us to immerse yourself in the Starward universe.

Wed, Oct 5 : Volcanic soils : the vine flourishes even on ashes.

Wed, Oct 12 : Whisky : Heading to Japan !

Wed, Oct 19 : Rhône Rangers: Rhône valley grapes around the world

Wed, Oct 26 : What about beer ? How is it made ? A "Guided tour" of some brussels breweries.

Thu, Oct 27 : Fermentation, Distillation, Aging : The secrets of whisky making...

Wed, Nov 9 : Dirección Mexico : Tequila y Mezcal noche

Wed, Nov 16 : Organic vs biodynamic vs natural wine... KEZAKO ?

Wed, Nov 23 : "French Noble spirits" : focus on Calvados/Cognac/Armagnac

Wed, Nov 30 : Belgian Wines : yes, they’re worth it!

Wed, Dec 7 : Tired of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay ? Focus on "forgotten" grapes varieties.



Seats are limited : First come, first served
Warning : seats are reserved once the payment is received.

All cancellations can be refunded in full up to 3 days before the tasting.




Wednesday, September 28 we are glad to invite you to an amazing evening where we'll honor the Australian whisky coming straight from the Melbourne capital. The brand ambassador of the distillery Scott English will be present to make you taste the emblematic whiskies of the house.

A few words about the distillery...

Starward is an Australian distillery founded in 2008 in Melbourne by David Vitale. The Italian-born founder wants to be resolutely innovative by having an experimental approach to its whisky production. Aging in red wine barrels, use of local barrels, distillation and vatting of several kinds of grains... The young distillery attracts more than one amateur today and seduces us by its great creativity.

Rendez-vous at 7.30 pm, on wednesday, September 28.

Cost of the evening : 35€/person

Attention the places are very limited !


And to end this endless newsletter eventually, this coming Saturday, September 3 we invite you for a free tasting of three Sicilian wines at mig's shop.

Rendez-vous at the shop at 2pm !

Looking forward to seeing you,




Mig’s Team