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Pinot Noir Day 24/08/2021

The legendary Pinot Noir from which the greatest wines of Burgundy, its native land, were born.

Pinot Noir is a very complex grape variety. Its ability to express all the nuances and richness of the terroir means that it is mainly vinified as a single variety.
The wines have fine tannins, a clean attack and a long ageing potential.
In its youth, its aromas of forest fruits are expressed with a predominance of cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry, and enhanced by peppery notes.
After several years of ageing, particularly in oak barrels, they reveal aromas of leather, tobacco and prune.

On the occasion of the Pinot Noir Day last wednesday, Mig's takes the opportunity to introduce you to 3 cuvées from terroirs that are quite different from each other, among its countless references of this grape variety.
Focus on Belgium, Chile and the Czech Republic!

Domaine Entre-Deux-Monts - Pinot Noir 2018, Belgium
De Martino Estate - Legado Pinot Noir 2018, D.O Valle de Limari, Chile
Krasna Hora - Pinot Noir 2019, Czech Republic