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Tokyo Olympics 27/07/2021

On the sidelines of the Olympic Games, Mig's offers you some typical Japanese drinks to discover quickly!

Grace Winery was founded in 1923 by Chotaro Misawa in Katsunuma (Yamanashi Prefecture), the cradle of Japanese wine production at the foot of Mount Fuji. Ayana Misawa is the current winemaker.
- Kayagatake, Koshu 2020 / 19€ : Koshu was imported from Central Asia by the Silk Road and only grows on Japanese soil. It is said to be nearly 1200 years old!
An invigorating white wine with a fresh minerality and tasty aromas of citrus, fruit blossom and spices.

Konishi is one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan, thriving since 1550! Today, the 15th generation is in charge.
- Premium Gold Daiginjo Sake / 19.10€ (72cl) and 9.80€ (30cl): A fruity and refined sake with a combination of citrus, pear, cucumber and fennel notes.

2 perfect companions for sushi !